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Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen! You can train him, throw him, tickle him, and even tie balloons to him. Everything you do will make Clumsy Ninja more skillful, and help him find his missing friend, Kira in Clumsy Ninja MOD APK with no limitations.
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Ninja Warrior Mod Apk presents the clumsy ninja mod apk, a simple action game that anyone can enjoy. Clumsy Ninja MOD APK is a challenging game of NaturalMotionGames Ltd which tasks players with training the clumsy ninja. Follow Sensei’s instructions to control your character and complete their various trials. Some are simple, but others will test both skill and patience as you make the hapless hero perform feats that would seem impossible for such an inept fighter!

An Overview of the MOD APK Game

The clumsy ninja apk is basically easy to learn, but difficult to master 2D action platformer game. Jump over obstacles like spikes or into bottomless pits to keep advancing. Collect stars and complete levels as fast as you can for maximum points! Level up your character by collecting XP from defeating enemies and completing levels.

Besides, that way you unlock new items in the shop which help you on your adventure. Not every level may be possible with just one try, so don’t get discouraged if you have to start over again even after beating a few levels! There are also leaderboards where players compete for the best clumsy ninja mod apk times and levels completed. Beating your friends’ sloppy times won’t be easy though!

You have unlimited tries per level, but every try you get a little bit slower until you finally fail or give up. This is because of the clumsy ninja’s hunger. The more food he eats, the faster he gets! But beware: if a clumsy ninja mod apk doesn’t eat any food for too long, he’ll start to slow down and eventually starve to death!

Make sure clumsy ninja apk always has something in his stomach so that you can keep trying those tricky levels again and again, especially with clumsy ninja mods apk which gives you as many lives as you like (or need). There are also many clumsy ninja mods apk weapons you can unlock by beating levels. Tinker with clumsy ninja mods apk settings to fit clumsy ninja’s style in clumsy ninja mode.

The Working of Clumsy Ninja MOD APK

Clumsy ninja is a small slow creature, but when he has eaten enough food he becomes faster and more agile! And once clumsy ninja has collected the right amount of stars on a level, he gains strength and grows bigger so that he can jump over larger obstacles or hit enemies harder. But be aware that becoming too big may be an advantage as well as a disadvantage – a clumsy ninja can no longer pass through narrow passages without being turned around, losing his current position. This is why collecting stars while the clumsy ninja is small is crucial! But clumsy ninja mods apk gives you the option to be big at all times, so that clumsy ninja doesn’t have this disadvantage.

How does clumsy ninja die?

A clumsy ninja will die if he touches any kind of obstacle in the clumsy ninja mod apk. Fences, spikes, walls, or even enemies can be lethal for clumsy ninjas. There are many different kinds of obstacles and enemies on clumsy ninja levels which make dying often inevitable! But whenever a clumsy ninja dies, he’ll fall back into his current position and start again from there. Since clumsy ninja runs slower when hungry, it’s a good idea to collect lots of stars while he’s still fast so that clumsy ninja can die and respawn over and over until clumsy ninja finally reaches the end of clumsy ninja mod apk level!

What are the obstacles?

If clumsy ninja didn’t run into any obstacles, clumsy ninja might not be a very interesting game. So there are different types of tedious obstacles in clumsy ninja-like spikes or walls. But don’t worry, clumsy ninja has a few items in his backpack to help him out.

Moreover, the first item you will find is sticky slime which allows clumsy ninjas to stick to the surface they’re standing on for one second before falling off. This gives your character enough time to jump over small gaps or even appear on higher platforms! Jumping off with sticky slime will take clumsy ninja back to where clumsy ninja jumped on, which may be great if clumsy ninja wants to collect stars along the way. 

The second item you can find in clumsy ninja is a set of magnetic gloves. Clumsy ninjas wearing them can attract metal objects nearby into their hands and use them to climb up walls or pull-down drawbridges! Once clumsy ninja has climbed all the way up, clumsy ninja can drop any object at will using clumsy ninja’s magnet toss skill. This gives clumsy ninjas yet another way to complete levels as every level in clumsy ninja mode does require some sort of obstacle-climbing.

How do i get more clumsy ninja mods apk lives?

Clumsy ninja can have up to 6 clumsy ninja lives in clumsy ninja mod apk. But that’s not a lot, especially if clumsy ninja keeps falling off from obstacles in clumsy ninja mode. That’s why it is vital that clumsy ninjas collect enough stars while still small and agile so that clumsy ninjas can beat levels with the maximum amount of clumsy ninja lives left!

There are many different weapons available for clumsy ninjas which make each level more interesting than just running through them (and dying over and over). Some weapons you can unlock include sticky grenades, boomerangs, flame swords, or even rocket launchers. Each of these has its own unique way of being used on levels – so remember clumsy ninja mod apk and have clumsy ninja pick one up in clumsy ninja mode!


Clumsy Ninja MOD APK is the newest game that gives you a chance to become one of these masterful ninjas. It’s easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults, making it perfect no matter what age group you’re in! Download Clumsy ninja MOD APK now and see how high your score can get before becoming a true Ninja Warrior like us at Gamezopinion.

Clumsy ninja provides an excellent opportunity to learn skills from all the different categories of Ninjutsu. It includes Taijutsu (bodily arts), Bo-jitsu (empty hand fighting/striking), Kenjustsu (sword-fighting) as well.

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5. It is recommended to install the game from your Android device File Manager App.

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