Download Firestarter Kodi APK Latest Versions (Almost All)

The next-generation application which allows us to watch our favorite movies, videos, music and TV shows.Moreover, it also allows us to load side load application in our favorite Amazon fire TV.As Mentioned on our homepage about Firestarter apk as we earlier mentioned, currently it supports only android Platform so Here will be sharing only a Download Link of Firestarter Kodi APK.Which will be the latest version do download it from below and enjoy your favorite TV shows, Movies, music and videos as we as Install side load applications on your fire TV too.

Firestarter Kodi apk all version download

What’s new in the Latest Version?

  1. The new Enhanced Features.
  2. Bug Fixes.
  3. New Multi Homescreen.
  4. You can Hide drawer from settings.
  5. You can list all installed applications.
  6. The new Drag and Drop buttons.

That’s all new in the Firestarter KODI apk, You must try the latest version of it.

You may also need to check the Installation Process Do check from below Given Links after downloading.

  1. Installation without PC
  2. Installation With PC.

So Let’s come to the download Part.

Download Firestarter Kodi APK (Latest Ver)

So Finally we are our download link paragraph, For Downloading just simply click on below download link button and download your favorite kodi application for Your mentioned earlier it’s for Android devices only IOS users have to wait for a bit more until it’s new Release.

Note: You may get some error on your device like “This type of file can harm your handset”. Do you want to keep it anyway? (Don’t worry all APKs are official and malware free) Click on OK and Proceed.if Still, any problem occurs Just do mention in comment Box.)

Download Now


So It’s the Page of Download Link of Firestarter Kodi app.If You want to use Firestarter on your pc Then see our next guide which is Firestarter APK For Pc.Hope You have enjoyed.Still, if any problem Persists do mention in comment box we ‘ll be happy to help you.

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