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If you love Pokemon games, EvoCreo MOD APK: Pocket Monster Trainer is a great way to keep your skills sharp! Enjoy the classic Pokemon experience!
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Who’s ready to catch them all? Enter the world of EvoCreo MOD APK Unlimited Shopping, where humans and monsters live in harmony! Follow Rokuro on an epic journey where he encounters tons of different pocket monsters. Catch them all and clash against your rivals in fun and strategic turn-based battles.

Evocreo APK

EvoCreo is a free mobile game for Android and iOS devices. It is based on the anime series, Pocket Monster, which is in turn based on the video game series by the same name. EvoCreo Pocket Monsters is an RPG game similar to the other games of the same genre. 

It offers players a chance to choose among many different types of pocket monsters and then train them to become the best they can be! EvoCreo MOD APK is a game that lets players compete against their fellow trainers from around the world. 

The EvoCreo Game Theme and Features

EvoCreo Hack APK is a free-to-play mobile game app where you take on the role of a Pokémon trainer as you travel the world collecting monsters and battling them against other trainers. 

You may already be aware of Pokemon Go, a similar augmented reality game. However, EvoCreo APK is not limited to the outdoors, but can also be played in the comfort of your own home (and it’s a lot more fun).

Socialize with Other Players

EvoCreo aims to be an addictive, community-driven Pokemon-like game – the first of its kind for Android. You will be able to capture monsters from all over the country, battle other trainers and gym leaders for badge upgrades and rank up fast. 

Evocreo APK Monsters

It’s primary focus is around socialization and communication in addition to playing the game. This is why the developers have included many features that help you interact with other players in a comfortable setting (e.g. chat support, private messaging, and a large variety of social group options).

Pocket Monsters and their Training

Pocket monsters or more commonly known as pokemon are cute little creatures which move around in the real world that everyone wishes to catch. In order to make them stronger and faster you need to train them everyday with different items.

You can train monsters with various skills that they learn from enemies during the fight. You also have the ability to combine pet skills to create one new skill. And there is an “automate” function that allows you to make pets earn experience while you are offline. 

There are many types of pets that will help you become stronger as you level up in the game. It is unique because it’s not a fighting game like “Pokémon” but still gives you interesting attributes and skills.

Types of Monsters you can Capture

There are three general lines of pet evolution: common, rare and legendary. Common evolves into unusual that can learn some skills while unusual turns into rare that can learn powerful skills. The differences are similar to monsters. 

In addition, there is the divine line and the iconic line to evolve. Legend evolves into ancestral, and ancestors are said to hold the key to heaven and earth, and can learn extremely powerful skills. 

Fortunately, the popular classic monsters do not necessarily need to evolve to get these special powers, and players only need to spend a lot of resources, time and patience. .

Battle Modes of EvoCreo MOD APK

EvoCreo contains a variety of different ways to battle. There is friend mode, where you can battle online with another person. Tournament mode, in which you can challenge a variety of trainers without losing any progress. The game also contains arena mode, combat training mode, and a sports area for doing gym challenges.

Some Quick Tips for Combat Mode

A guide to Combat Mode, the first mode you’ll unlock in EvoCreo MOD APK. The first Gym takes about a day to get through, but once you do, Alain and his underlings are waiting for you. This guide should help you breeze through the game regardless of which Pokemon you started with (even if you had an Abra). 

Combat mode involves mostly luck so I will tell you how to win every fight. You really only need one strategy to beat every type of enemy except for the two legendaries (Hydreigon and Spiritomb) because they are almost impossible to beat without sending in high level pokemon. The strategy is simple.

Based on our experience as a Pokemon trainer, you could increase your combat power if you learn to use the effect of a move. For example, if Pokemon using this move at the beginning of the battle can raise its attack or defense by 20% for just one round. Some moves will reduce 10% from the stats, but it is still useful to prevent your pokemon from fainting to deadly attacks.

Just like any other game, strategic moves and combinations are essential to winning every battle mode. EvoCreo MOD APK is an interactive game that allows you to summon monsters as your pets and need food and medicine for them to level up their combat power. There will be some characters who want to conquer the world or become the best trainer in the game.

Final Words

Embark on an exciting journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer while collecting all the Pokemon! See who’s the best amongst your friends and be the most powerful trainer in the world. Study their strengths, abilities and weaknesses as you create the ultimate Pokemon team by picking them up from PokeStops. 

Equipped with your Pokemon team versus other trainer’s teams in real-time PvP battles and earn rewards! All this while having loads of fun. What are you waiting for? There are more role-playing games that you can check here!

What's new

- Reduced the encounter rate

- Reduced duration of certain over-powered conditions

- Updated the restore purchase functionality

- Various bug fixes


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How to install EvoCreo MOD APK - Download the Mighty Role Playing Game on Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded APK file. (Incase it does not work) Go to File Manager > Downloads , then locate the file.

3. Touch install.

4. Follow the steps on the screen.

5. It is recommended to install the game from your Android device File Manager App.

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