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Take a peek into the fun and exciting world of Goat Simulator Payday MOD APK. The game involves 4 new main thugs, including a flying Flamingo, a Wwheelchairing Dolphin, a spitting Camel and lastly our hero the Goat which that’s just really handsome.
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Goat simulator PAYDAY MOD APK is a free simulation game that allows you to simulate a number of different animals. You can win rewards by completing the tasks. It would be appropriate to say this game is an animal version of the world famous game GTA. The game has a number of animals including the goats, flamingos, camels and dolphins. How it’s played is that at one time you can only control one animal and each of them contains different set of characteristics. Although, this game is super insane/ crazy (in a fun way), but it also is super interesting as well.

Let’s talk about some of the features of this game.


Highest definition 3-D graphics have been used in Goat simulator PAYDAY MOD APK game, which makes the scenes very close to being realistic. So, this would be appropriate to say that the graphics have been upgraded to a level you will fell in love with.


Goat simulator PAYDAY MOD APK is a free game as stated earlier and it is super fun to play it. The machine gives you tasks that you have to complete. This way you win more and more money that you can use to unlock various things i.e. the decorations. You as a player have the complete authority to control animals any way you want to.


We have already stated that Goat simulator PAYDAY MOD APK has much resemblance with the world renowned game GTA, the only difference is that this game is focused on animals. A player can control one animal at a time and can hit, jump, and fly, etc. depending upon the animals characteristics.


This game is built on some really crazy principles and that is probably the beauty of it. The purpose of this game is not to make sense but to deliver fun to the player and it does that in the best way possible.


As soon as you switch between the animals, everything gets back to the square one.


This game has got no rules for you to follow, no restrictions to be restrained. Play as you like, have fun as much as you want.

Mod Features

This game Goat Simulator Payday MOD APK is insanely realistic simulation game. Different animals such as flamingo, dolphins, camel and goats are all the animals that can be controlled by you as a player and this is what makes this game all more fun and addictive.

  1. You can avoid police by simply stealing the cars. Steal and drive away from police.
  2. Four new goats have been introduced.
  3. You can fly and can climb with the wheelchair on almost every surface.
  4. You can buy different faces to stay safe, as the police cannot identify you and hence will not be able to catch you.


Goat simulator PAYDAY MOD APK is surely fun and super addictive. How often you get to play a game with amazing realistic graphics with no rules and restrictions of any kind. You can play the fun out of this game exactly how you want it. Control animals, steal cars and drive as you want, let the cops chase you. All in all you are going to have an amazing time while playing this game so good luck with that.

What's new

- FOUR AWESOME NEW MAIN GOATS, seriously these guys are like they’re from an Al Pancake movie. - One can fly and control people's brains, another can climb any surface with a wheelchair and a third can spit water that it stores in it’s back. Disgusting. - PRANKNET: A database filled with stupid “jobs” for your crew to do. But who cares. They pay well. - Buy masks to disguise your identity so that the police won’t catch you. Or just to look cool. - There are like 14 new mutators to unlock. I’m not even kidding. So many. - Lastly, you can steal and drive cars. Isn't it exciting?



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How to install Goat Simulator Payday MOD APK AND OBB for Android?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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