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Are you ready to be a bus driver? Yes, you heard that right, a bus driver. The Heavy Bus simulator MOD APK is a bus simulator game in which you play the role of a bus driver.
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Are you ready to be a bus driver? Yes, you heard that right, a bus driver. The Heavy Bus simulator MOD APK is a bus simulator game in which you play the role of a bus driver. In simple, in the game, you are a driver. As a driver, you have to pick and drop passengers from one place to another, the place they require.

Heavy Bus Simulator APK

In the start of the game, you get 1 bus to begin the journey with. Passengers will get on board from the bus station. You have to follow the directions using a small map that is displayed on the upper right corner of the game screen.

How to Start Playing the Game?

Now how do you start playing, turn the engine ONN put foot (click) on the pedal, this gets the vehicle moving. Then, in order to control the bus or in other words, steer the bus you either have to slide the steering or tilt the phone to control its direction. You can customize the setting according to your choice, you can choose either of the two options whether steering sliding or phone tilt.

At some point in time, you might have thought about how a vehicle as huge as a bus is driven. Moreover, the whole concept of picking passengers and dropping them at random places does fascinate you right. So, with Heavy Bus Simulator you get to play a very interesting game and witness how it feels to be a bus driver.

Moreover, you get rewards (money and experience) every-time you reach a destination safely. You need to take passengers from point to another with care in order to be able to achieve the rewards. New maps and missions are unlocked as soon as you start completing the challenges.

The Features of Heavy Bus Simulator Pro APK

Heavy Bus Simulator APK Gameplay

Here’s another intriguing fact about the game, you get to change the camera view as you like. You have the authority to switch between the cockpit view and the wider view, you can also toggle between from view, back view, view from above, etc.

The graphics are spot on, the whole gaming experience is very realistic including the traffic rules. You get to feel the environment as if you actually are there in the game. Impressive right?

We are sure you are aware of the traffic rules, if not all then atleast some of the basic rules such as turning the right or left signals onn depending up on the side you are going, turning the lights on at night time, following the minimum or maximum speed, keeping the vehicle in your lane, not entering the wrong way, etc.

Additionally, the trailer on Google play didn’t mention anything of the sort, so the initial understanding of the game we and plenty of other people had was playing the game without the realistic rules, etc.

But, as soon as we proceeded and some of the laws were violated in the game we were issued tickets. As a result, our points were reduced, the reward we got after completing the challenge was partially reduced including the experience points as well as the money we earnt.

If you decide to go for rash driving instead of securely taking your passengers from one place to another, your passengers have the right to leave feedback. The feedback can be good as well as worse depending upon how you made them feel of you as a driver.

Surely, if you drive safely and the passengers feel safe and secure you are getting the best feedback that boosts your earning and experience points.

Get More Buses While Playing

What do you do with the experience and bonus money that you make after completing the challenges? You get more buses after unlocking them. The first bus that you get anyways to start the game with is a classic redone.

Now, you have to utilize it and earn more and more money, complete more and more challenges and finally unlock more and more buses. Apparently, there is no name of the buses, so in order to distinguish between them, you can keep their colors and designs as the reference. All of these buses you can get from a single place and that is the Garage.

Even after you have bought the bus, and you feel like changing its parts (to some extent) and/ or colors, etc, you can completely customize them as you like.

Graphics and Overall Look of Heavy Bus Premium APK

Graphics are an essential thing that the developers of the game as well as the users consider when it comes to the Simulation games. We assure you that you’ll be astonished by the quality of graphics being used in this game, very real and high quality.

The buses, the maps, the cities, and the mountains, the wild west, and so on, all bring to you the real-life experiences as if you are genuinely driving the bus yourself.

It doesn’t stop here, the weather conditions the changing of day and night take this whole realistic experience to the next level. We all know about friction and how it works under different conditions, the same happens here.

The roads have less friction and grip when it rains in the game. In order to avoid collision with any other vehicle, you must turn the lights on in low light conditions such as night.

What do you Get with this New Version of the Game?

Unlimited Money: In Heavy Bus Simulator MOD APK, you need to have a lot of money in order to own the different bus models. The average price of the buses ranges from $ 100,000 to somewhere $ 750,000 and this is a lot of money. Besides, to earn this money you’ll have to work hard, really hard. But, with this MOD APK version of this game that you are getting from APKBAE, you get unlimited money that you are free to spend from the very beginning of the game.

How to install Heavy Bus Simulator Premium APK?

  1. First, you have to download the original APK version of the Heavy Bus Simulator ( that includes 1 APK and 1 other file).
  2. Install the APK, you’ll have to allow the installation of the apps from unknown source from settings.
  3. Install the APK file as usual.


We adore this game, the graphics are on spot, the gameplay is realistic, and this is exactly how you will feel while playing this game. Just make sure you have the phone with at least the minimum specification for this game.

What's new

Fixed crash on start.


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How to install Heavy Bus Simulator MOD APK - The New and Free Game on Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded APK file. (Incase it does not work) Go to File Manager > Downloads , then locate the file.

3. Touch install.

4. Follow the steps on the screen.

5. It is recommended to install the game from your Android device File Manager App.

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