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Who’s in your Justice League? Join your favorite DC Superheroes & Villains in one of the best, free fighting games on mobile. Assemble a team of superhero legends like Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, & Wonder Woman to combat the forces against you.
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Injustice 2 MOD APK has global recognition as one of the best free fighting on smartphones. So, who is in your justice league? In this game you can live the life you have dreamed for a long time and be a part of your favorite DC superheroes and Villains. What you gotta do is that you have to assemble a team of superheroes such as the Batman, Superman, Supergirl, etc. Progress through the game and gather/ get new combos to defeat the opponents in dynamic 3×3 battles.

While you are playing and enjoying the game you can improve your superheroes and their powers, hence becoming more and more strong and having an edge over your opponents. You can dominate everyone by using the amazing gear in your characters in PvP contests. Struggle through the process, play with dedication and become a DC champion.

The Storyline

The story line starts from the hit mobile game injustice: Gods Among Us. You will see the game starts exactly from where the prequel/ last story ended. The characters are same including the superheroes and the villains. The level of the game has been upgraded 10 folds with the advancement of the cinematics, the story telling, the dialogues, and the characters. Warner Bros International has definitely set a higher target for the competitors to beat this level.

Now, think of the justice league as an entity that is broken and you are the one who has to pick it piece by piece and put it all together. You have the authority to shape almost everything, the characters, the dynamics, the this and the that. The fun is suddenly increased when you derive a powerful team to crush your enemies. Its time to show the world who is the true DC champion.

Single Player and Tournaments

Yes you heard that right, you can not only play as a single player but also you have the option of playing in different tournaments and playing with stronger enemies/ opponents and upgrading your skill level. In the tournaments you win enormous amount of prizes. You can play the daily challenges, and keep a track of the leaderboard progression to get better and better. The online community is spread across the globe and as soon as you start playing the game you will be facing the opponents from almost every corner of the planet earth. Hence, you can imagine the level of fun one can get with this game.

The Superhero World

What if we were to tell you that the developers of this amazing game have taken many assets from the console game and brought them to the smartphone version. This is a good news to many but slightly problematic to some, because on the one hand it assures amazing graphics and brilliant gameplay but on the other hand it also means the game requires more space in the storage than usual. Now since all good things have a price, so the price to the awesomeness of this game is the storage in your phone.

Apart from that, the story is based on the events of Batman along with his team taking down the high chancellor for the sake of getting the Justice Leagues lost glory back. On the other side the Gorilla Grodd who is an amazingly intelligent gorilla forms the society to prevent Batman and his team from doing anything.

How To Collect Iconic DC Characters

In the console version of the game all the characters and superheroes are previously unlocked but with the mobile version you have to collect the champion shards in order to unlock your favorite characters. You gather the champion shards by playing the game, the more you play the more you get.

You get to choose from the largest collection of DC heroes and DC villians both equally phenomenal in their own ways.

The superheroes include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Lantern, Marvel Lady, and Supergirl, whereas on the villains side you will be facing the Joker, Brainiac, and Harley Quinn from the suicide squad.

You have the authority over how your characters will look.

The game offers endless fun along with a bunch of combos and powers as soon as you progress.

You can take this fun to a whole new level and make the battles more and more intense.

Earn rewards and use the rewards in reshaping the game and the characters, customize your heroes, and get premium characters such as the batman, marvel lady, flash, and a lot more.

Make a progress each day and end your day at a higher node than the day before.

You can play and team up with the associates and make this league unstoppable by any of your foes. Collectively you will outperform your entire opponents.

You can also chat with the associates, donate hero shards, and a lot more.

The Combats

One of the best things in the injustice 2 is the combat system. Hats off to the designing and development team for developing a game that triggers your satisfaction level to a level never witnessed before. Each superhero has a different set of powers and combos and you ll have to master it by playing and progress through the struggle of the game.

Also, every super hero has a special move, a move that needs to be used in the perfect time because once it is used it will take some time charge up and ready to use again. So which ever character you are playing with, use its super move smartly/ wisely.


All in all this is an amazing game that assures you an endless fun. The developers have designed it so well that every time you play it your desire to play and win and getting your favorite characters unlocked is much higher than before. You not only have the option of playing in the single player mode but also be a part of the global community and playing with the experts from around the globe by joining the tournaments. We’ll conclude it on this node that you’ll have an amazing time while playing this game, have fun and enjoy to the fullest, Cheers.

What's new

Fixed in this release:

- Lethal Attack Damage on Artifacts
- Beta Club Artifact's Damage Over Time effect
- Missing Gears in the Arena Store

As always, thank you for playing!


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5. It is recommended to install the game from your Android device File Manager App.

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