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There’s no doubt that Oddworld Strangers Wrath is a strange game. If you are here to get Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK. Well, we’ve got you covered.
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There’s no doubt that Oddworld Stranger’s MOD Wrath is a strange game. Now that it is available on Play Store, you’re probably here to get Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath APK with unlimited ammo. Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Gameplay | Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK 

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK got launched at the end of the era of the original Xbox. Though it was not much of a success, some critics seem to make it a great deal.

The gameplay includes an undeveloped, dusty land of the Western Mudos where the settlement is plagued by the outlaws. Many strange monsters roam around the gameplay. And here comes the main player of the game who is a drifter bounty hunter with a crossbow. This double-barreled critter-firing crossbow is the main weapon.   

One thing that I liked about this strange game is how the first person is merged with the third person in a second. With only a single tap on the screen, you get to enjoy the game from a new perspective and camera angle. 

If you’re concerned, the third-person is often used by players to explore the game and analyze the surroundings. Similarly, the first person is used to fighting, using a crossbow, and making close-ranged shots. Sounds fair enough?

Moreover, the crossbow used can be equipped with different types of ammo. For instance, you can use a blank to create a special sound that lures the enemies in a certain area. It basically sets up a trap for other players. 

One thing is for sure, to use any kind of ammo, you must find and collect it. Explore the game, capture strange creatures, and you’re good to kill the enemies. 

Key Features of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK

Though Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK has a lot to offer, here are a few key features of this game APK:

1. Quality Controls

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has completely configured controls. The controls and the player’s movements are optimized well. Also, you can also re-size or reset the position of the control per your preference. Now, you can adjust the controls and enjoy the gameplay according to your play style. 

2. Scalable Joystick

There is a scalable virtual joystick that you can adjust per your game playing style. If it’s too slow or sensitive for you, just head to the settings and adjust the movements right away. 

3. Explore the Game in Third-Person

As stated above, you can enjoy the gameplay in first-person as well as third-person mode. You can switch between these camera angles with a single click. 

The third-person view mode is used to explore the town. The player can explore the lush forests, living towns, and big industrial facilities.

There is a seamless transferring function to go from a third-person platformer to the first-person shooter – helping the player to shoot effectively. 

4. Find Your Ammo in the Game

As discussed earlier, the player has a special crossbow to kill enemies. Well, he has the crossbow but not the ammo. There are different types of ammo you can find around. 

Furthermore, you can collect the ammo by capturing various creatures and then use it to kill your enemies. This game has the name “Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath” for a reason. 

5. Different Fighting Techniques Available Stranger’s Wrath APK

The player can use several strategies to lure in enemies and kill them. You can either surprise, lure, stun, blast, or bag devious outlaws. 

Depending on your play style, there are limitless ways to go through the missions. Keep trying new ways to get around the enemies and completing the missions. 

6. In-game Characters

As the name suggests, Oddworld has a lot of characters. Some are odd while others are funny. You’ll find most funny, odd, and strange townsfolk in the gameplay – not to mention the dark enemies. 

Additionally, you’ll fight dozens of enemies with outrageous names and outlandish arsenals. Sounds good?

Final Words

In a nutshell, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK is one of its kind. With quality controls and redesigned mobile interface, the developers were able to reach a wider audience for sure. 

Moreover, with today’s mobile advanced chipsets, developers were able to offer the same high-end graphics in the mobile version of Oddworld too. 

Last but not least, the hysterical script of Oddworld and thrilling soundtrack makes it even better. 

You can learn more about the Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK right on APKBae.

What's new

For version 1.0.13:
- Fixes for various devices and OS versions.


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How to install Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath MOD APK – A Complete Review APK?

1. Tap the downloaded APK file. (Incase it does not work) Go to File Manager > Downloads , then locate the file.

3. Touch install.

4. Follow the steps on the screen.

5. It is recommended to install the game from your Android device File Manager App.

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